Project YEBO! has 4 main activities :

  • The State of the art of internationalization activity of each partner, which includes a comparative analysis phase of the different doctoral studies systems in EU and in SA, with the aim to define indicators suitable to evaluate each partner’s level of PhD stuides internationalization.
  •  The development and implementation of the PhD portal to provide better access to information and training material
  • The organization of two international conferences one in EU and one in South Africa
  • The organization of four training sessions in South Africa

Please find attached our report: YEBO Individual Factsheets on Internationalisation PhD Activity.

Enjoy your reading! YEBO-Individual-Factsheets-on-Internationalisation-PhD-Activity

Leaders : Cape Peninsula University of Technology(CPUT) and Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas (VGTU)

Estimated time frame : 01-12-2017 to 31-05-2018

In this activity each partner need to measure its « internationalization activity » in doctoral studies. Which is why it is also important to take into account the organization of doctoral studies within each partner country. Some indicators will be defined and used during the whole project duration, the « FRINDOC » questionnaire will be applied to get a part of these results. VGTU and CPUT as leaders will monitor this evaluation and give reports on its progress.

State of the Art of the PhD Internationalization Activity Report

Leaders : Central University of Technology, Free State(CUT)

Estimated time frame : 15-05-2018 to 15-11-2018

One of the necessity every partners agreed on at an early stage of this project was the development of a PhD portal. This portal will focus on the internationalization of PhD Studies. The idea here, is to provide two types of information:

  • Funding opportunities abroad to facilitate the access to administrative procedures, information about each partner’s PhD programs, internship and funding offers.
  • Training tools, offering the material from the conferences and training sessions.

The PhD portal was Launched in November 2018 during the Mid-Term Meeting in Berlin

Leaders : University of Pretoria and University of Uppsala

Estimated time frame : 01-04-2019 to 01-04-2020

This activity aims to raise awareness among universities, researchers, teachers, administrative staff and students to the internationalization of doctoral studies.

  • Conference 1:  12th to 14th June 2019 at EUA-CDE Annual Meeting in Brescia, YEBO! partners’ will organise a brief session withing EUA-CDE programme to present the challenges and opportunities for the internationalisation of PhD Studies in South Africa.
  • Conference 2: Third week of August 2019 at IEASA Annual Conference in Cape Town, a dedicated session on the internationalisation of PhD studies will be organised by YEBO! consortium.
  • Conference 3: June 2020 at Coimbra Group Annual Meeting in Montpellier, a YEBO! side event will be dedicated to offer the potential of networking and exchange of best practices for SA partners.
  • Conference 4: September 2020 in Cape Town, the final major conference will be held, it will involve students from the 4th training session in order to evaluate their improvements in terms of skills regarding research communication and visibility. EU PhD students will also participate to share their experiences and successful strategies.

Leaders : Universiteit Gent (UG) and Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

Estimated time frame : 01-04-2018 to 31-12-2019

The training sessions will provide an increasing capacity to supervise international PhD students with a focus on improving the international visibility of PhD students’ research.
Four training sessions will take place, in South Africa :

  • Training 1: October 22th to 26th 2018 hosted by CUT on the theme of Intercultural Competencies (Communication, HR Management,…). Trainers from TUB, UM and SU participated to this training session.
  • Training 2: March 26th to 29th 2019 hosted by UP on the theme of structures services (e.g. IROs) to support international mobility and collaboration on PhD level and on structures/services (Doctoral Schools) to enhance the international quality of the PhD research.
  • Training 3: June 2019 hosted by Stellenbosch University and UCT  on the theme of Developing a toolbox for supervising international PhD students.
  • Training 4: March 2020 hosted by UWC/CPUT on the theme of Research capacity (academic writing, funding application writing, visibility of research, science communication).